jamie (spldbrat) wrote,

Can't blame me for trying...

so, i have this friend
well, we used to be friends
we haven't talked in a couple weeks
we had a falling out of sorts
i haven't thought about this person since the last time i got an email
but, the other day, as some of our mutual friends were at my house,
i started to think about this person
and how ackward things could turn out to be since we're not talking
so i decide to be nice and try to talk to this person again
i figured that it would be easier for us to forget about the bullshit and just be civil since we have so many mutual friends
so i comment on something he says
and i get no response
then i im him
and get no response
i try im'ing him one more time
and still no response
so all i have to say is, i tried
and any wierd ackward feelings occur the next time we just happen to be in the same town again
(next weekend)
are not my fault
that's all
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